Beta test of Oreo coming soon to Nokia 3

HMD’s CPO Juho Sarvikas has updated the info Android Central shared via Twitter about Android Oreo update with some new tidbits about Oreo for lower end Nokia devices.

In his tweet, he mentioned once again that Nokia 2 will go directly to Android 8.1 which, by the way, supports devices with 1 GB of RAM. When will Nokia 2 get the update is still not known, but since it has a Snapdragon processor, it shouldn’t be so long after Nokia 8 gets it. We know that HMD already started Beta testing 8.1 for the Nokia 8.

He also mentioned that Nokia 3 is soon to get Oreo. It won’t be the final version, but rather a beta test version which is just around the corner, according to Juho.

Well, we kind of expected this and I believe that first series of Android running Nokia devices will be on official or Beta version of Oreo before MWC2018, which is less than a month away.