Nokia BPM+ might not work properly for all users

Nokia has sold its Health business back to its previous owner and co-founder, Eric Carreel. In the past two years, they launched Body Cardio, BPM+, Thermo and Sleep among which only Thermo is doing well. Don’t get me wrong, but Nokia Sleep got pretty bad reviews by top tech websites (Engadget, The Verge), while Body Cardio had to ditch its main function, heart rate, and pulse velocity measurement. Now, the bad news is coming for some owners of BPM+, or the blood pressure monitor plus. Those owners who have left arm circumference bigger than 35 cm (13.77 inches, 1.14 feet or 0.38 yards), could get inaccurate blood pressure readings. Those owners whose hands have smaller circumference will get the readings of blood pressure within the applicable testing standards.

It is good that With… Nokia Health is still paying attention to their devices and readings they are providing, but the real problem lies in all those testings that should have pointed to this problem before the final product went on sale. The other problem is that the trust of people in this device could be lost and many will probably want their money back (that is possible). Who is to blame here, Withings who probably had this device ready for release or Nokia who didn’t invest more in Health and double checked everything that was ready for the release.

I’m kind of glad that Health business was sold to the previous owner because Nokia assured me that in its current state can’t handle the consumer business anymore. They just like those clever deals now. It makes me sad but hey, let someone that knows the consumer market do that business for them. If Nokia can make some profit out of it, that is nice. It just leaves us to one question, who will lead the technological revolution in their businesses, Nokia Bell Labs? Let’s see what will happen in the next year. Something is already happening!


Thanks David for the photo and tip 🙂