Beta Labs support for Nokia 6 and 5 ends today, but beta test isn’t over yet

Oreo, the latest version of Android software, is currently officially available just for Nokia 8. On Nokia 6 and 5 you can get it through the Nokia Beta Labs. Well, at least some of us, since Oreo Beta is not available for Chinese and US users, while users in India are still waiting for HMD to fix all encountered issues, but the wait should be over during this week according to Juho Sarvikas. Nokia 3 will go directly to Oreo without any beta tests and Nokia 2 will get Oreo 8.1 that supports 1GB RAM devices.

After you signed in for Beta Test for your Nokia 6 and 5, you probably saw that the support for beta labs is limited and that it ends on 02.01. Since no further explanation of what that means was given, we contacted Support and they said that after today you won’t be able to get Oreo Beta Update. This doesn’t apply to previously mentioned India models of Nokia 6, since they will be able to Beta test Oreo soon.


Guys, you know what to do. Keep on uploading feedback so that HMD can finish up the test sooner and finally launch the official update for 5 & 6.