Some Nokia 6 units have problems entering Nokia Beta Labs

This week, HMD Global launched Nokia Beta Labs for Nokia 6 users, where they could download Oreo Beta for their devices. Beta Labs program is meant for testing and giving feedback about the performance of the beta OS back to HMD, so many users were disappointed when HMD encountered problems with the release of Android Oreo Beta for all interested beta testers. The first condition HMD mentioned (alongside having a Nokia 5 or 6) on their Beta Labs site is that Nokia 6 has to have the December update installed.

HMD released the December update to some users in some markets, as we hear, but even with the December update, a lot of users couldn’t enter the Beta Labs. Our Nokia 6 TA-1000 received the December update earlier this month, but cannot be signed to the Beta Labs program. The TA-1000 and TA-1003 are China specific devices, so I didn’t have a lot of hopes for instantly receiving Oreo Beta. Our global Nokia 6 (2 of them), did not receive the December update just yet, thus can’t enter the beta labs program.



HMD is aware of the issues that happened during the Oreo Beta rollout via Nokia Beta Labs and is working on solutions to fix them. By then, Nokia 6 users that want to participate in Beta Labs have to be more patient.

Thanks everyone for the tips. 🙂