Nokia Chronicles understanding Nokia Mobile’s approach

The Aussie duo behind the Nokia Chronicles podcast show couldn’t bring any special guests this week so they recycled some old ones. The main topic of the 15th episode is HMD Global’s Nokia Mobile and understanding their approach in the market. The cover image of the show can’t reveal all the horror stories their guests were bringing to the air, so if you got nothing better to do for the next hour and 19 minutes, you can click on the picture below and hop on the show.

So basically, the software, prices, and marketing were discussed on the show since those three categories are the most important ones in the smartphone industry and in those categories Nokia Mobile is having difficulties. We all agreed that Nokia Mobile isn’t even close to the former Nokia and its resources. Nokia’s brand values are a bit of weight for the Finnish startup, but it is giving them paychecks so they shouldn’t break under to the pressure that competitors are making. Nokia Mobile isn’t doing a perfect job, but they are still here and they can always improve their business.

Nokia Chronicles Adrian / Justin