Nokia 6 variants from US, China and Taiwan cannot enter the Beta Labs; will get Oreo directly when ready

Moderators on HMD’s Nokia Community forum clarified the situation around the Oreo Beta testing of Nokia 6 via Nokia Beta Labs. The rollout of Oreo Beta for Nokia Beta Labs member faced problems, because all units didn’t receive the December update that is required for entering Beta Labs. HMD also spotted another problem with Nokia 6 units from India. Today, our Nokia 6 TA-1021 received the December update and Oreo Beta, via Nokia Beta Labs. The December update still isn’t available for all Nokia 6 variants in all markets, but HMD says that all supported devices will be able to receive Oreo Beta via Beta Labs by the end of this year.

Because of specific requirements, Nokia 6 variants sold in the US (all TA’s), China (TA-1000) and Taiwan (TA-1003), are not eligible for Oreo Beta via Nokia Beta Labs, but these units will receive Oreo directly when the update is available.

If you have a Nokia 6 that is supported for Nokia Beta Labs, to download Android Oreo, you have to first download the latest December update and then register for the Beta Labs and request the OTA update, if you didn’t make that before. To register for Beta Labs, head here.

Thanks Akilesh for the tip. 🙂