Nokia 7 uses Samsung’s S5K2P7SX camera sensor

For those interested in (electronic) components found in mobile devices, it could potentially be interesting to know that HMD’s midrange Android smartphone, the Nokia 7, uses Samsung’s S5K2P7SX image sensor. The sensor is 16MP in size, with 1.12µm pixel size, with the module having 5 lenses, made or certified by ZEISS. This information is not that important and for most people it means nothing, but for those interested in camera sensors, this info could be useful when choosing Nokia 7 as their next device – once it becomes globally available.

HMD’s flagship device Nokia 8 is probably using Sony’s IMX258 camera sensor, also found on LG G6. I’m not 100% positive about this info, but judging from the specifications, it looks so. Nokia 7’s front camera has a Samsung sensor as well – the 4E8. You can learn more about Nokia 7 following the link here.

via: NPU