Happy New Year dear all!

We wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

Old Romans would say Tempus fugit, and they were right. Time really flies and it seems that not so long ago this 2022 started. However, we are now in 2023, a new year that awaits our new promises, adventures, and ups, and downs. I hope you celebrated well the new year and that you were encircled with happiness, good people, and digital gadgets :).

This past year was significant for Nokia Mobile, and Nokiamob as well. A new business strategy emerged with the new naming scheme for the smartphone portfolio. There was also a big change in the top management with Florian Seiche, a CEO from the beginning of the HMD Global story, left the company.

Some new folks arrived who will be trying to bring attention to the Nokia smart and feature phone brand once again.

There were some changes with Nokiamob also. We got new members and some old one more active (hi to Jett and Krešo), but we generally turned more to our daily jobs that bring food to our table and keep this site alive, so fewer posts are coming out lately. Indranil is trying to finish his college, I’m trying to finish up some projects, Stipe needs to write another few kilometers of code, while Abdulla is trying not to get blown away by all the fame he got thanks to his super successful Youtube channel. J.K is also here with us, mostly active on 9Gag but does bring valuable info and beautifully composed articles to the blog.

The latest Nokia products were relatively good, although a lot of improvements (mainly software ones) are needed. Nokia X30 5G is a promising device that performs rather well in all daily tasks, and T21 tablets seem nice too. I am generally happy with the new Camera 2.0 app, although some software tuning is necessary. The new Nokia portable speaker seems like a nice purchase but software tuning of audio output could make it even better.

New products for the US market could be announced at CES while we can expect global announcements in the coming MWC 2023.

All in all, the direction taken is not bad, not terrible also, but a new year will be challenging as it should be to bring us better products.

Hope that you’ll have challenges that will make you better and smarter too. After all, our life is full of challenges and all of them can be solved, if not by ourselves then with help of others.

On behalf of all the Nokiamob team (Stipe, Abdulla, J.K., Indranil, Krešo, and Jett), I wish you all the best in the coming year!