Nokia 9 (TA-1054) certified in China?!

Last month, HMD announced two new Nokia branded devices – the Nokia 2 and Nokia 7. Nokia 2 is HMD’s latest device that targets the low end segment of the market, while the 7 is a solid midranger currently available only in China. Only one device about which we heard a lot has been left announced, and that’s the Nokia 9.

A new HMD device, under the model number TA-1054, passed certifications in China. The certificate shows just that the device supports fast charging and issue date, 26th September. Considering that the 9 is the only device (alongside 1) that is missing from Nokia’s lineup, TA-1054 could be Nokia 9, which means that we could soon see HMD’s first bezel-less flagship.

When Nokia 7 passed CCC, it was a month and half before HMD officially announced the device. With the 9 being certified in September, we could see the device being officially unveiled during this month.

Via: Baidu

  • So, this Nokia TA-1054 could be ready for #SLUSH event that is starting in 27 days.

  • Stinger

    It’s coming!!! woohoo.

    HMD is really ambitious, huh. I wonder what they’re planning for next year.

    • Whole new set of devices I hope 🙂

    • abhishek paithankar

      Nokia 10, Edge

  • d@__@b

    I hope Nokia 9 comes with a display that supports refresh rates of up to 120Hz.
    Bezel-less display alone is not enough as a key selling point at this end of the year.

    • Don’t think that Nokia 9 will be another Razor device :). I hope it will have superior camera and good battery life.

      • d@__@b

        Yup. Sharp images and good low-light performance. Massive battery.
        Hopefully HMD will realize that people don’t care about “bothie” before it’s too late. Too weak as marketing campaign.

        • The problem is that they don’t know how to do it. They are failing to bring out that “Uniqueness” in their devices. Its more or less the same usual Android phone with the Nokia logo. Bothie, Android Updates and Stock Android isn’t much good for marketing.

          • d@__@b

            Exactly. We need to remember that this is HMD, not Nokia.

          • tno2007

            Which other manufacturer can brag with those 3 things? (Bothie, updates and stock os). No one, including apple. Nokia addressed my ignorance and made me see how all others are giving us s**t selfie cameras… always lower megapixels than the back. Anyways i havent gotten a new nokia yet cos im waiting for the nokia 9

          • If you’re into selfies, the 8 is the best device out there. It’s not perfect in every aspect, but it’s the best priced Nokia device probably ever…

      • We are just hoping of superior cameras but so far HMD is failing to deliver the superiority.

        • abhishek paithankar

          Nokia 8 photography and vids r really above par quality, much more grt then Samsung,iPhone, one+,vivo,oppo and mi

          • Honestly, that’s not right. iPhones take the best out of the box pictures. And Nokia 8 is an under-performer when it comes to camera. It is not what you expect from a Nokia camera phone cobranded with Zeiss.
            Samsung flagships are doing better and even a OnePlus 5 beats it in a lot of areas. Poop and Vivo, I don’t regard them being a competitor to Nokia in this price segment. I’m disappointed with what HMD has built into the Nokia 8. More because a lot of camera is software which HMD is not yet able to perfect.

    • Razer’s CEO said that 120Hz refresh rate can’t be achieved on AMOLED (yet).

  • abhishek paithankar

    At least Nokia releases in India b4 7

    • Not in the next two months or so, for sure. I asked HMD official who told me that they are not planing on releasing the Nokia 7 in the next month or even more globally.

  • Charles

    Also no Nokia 4

    • No, number 4 is considered unlucky in China so Nokia usually avoided it.

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