Nokia Steel HR available again on the Nokia store

Do you remember Nokia Steel HR, a semi smart watch from Nokia that has tiny circular display and can measure hearth rate? Well, if you do, you are going to be happy since Nokia Health announced that it is finally available. Steel HR was launched over a year ago when Health division was still Withings. The watch was on sale for a brief time, and while Nokia was in a process of rebranding of the products made by then newly acquired French tech company, Steel HR got delayed. Nokia did announce that it will be back by the end of the year but no other info about it was released until now. So, Nokia Steel HR is finally back, and you can go to the Nokia Health web page and preorder it once again. If you do that, you will get the watch in early December.

The watch is available in 36 and 40 mm casing but in limited quantities. You can also buy different straps made from leather (brown and black) or silicone (red, deep blue, black, gray, mineral blue, raspberry and white), and woven ones (yellow and blue). The Steel HR itself is available in white and black (40mm case only).

The price of the watch is €189.95 for 36mm model, and €199.95 for a slightly bigger 40 mm model. Steel HR is special watch because it packs infra-red heart rate sensor, day and night motion sensor, high precision MEMS 3-axis accelerometer and its battery will last up to 25 days depending on the way you use it. All the metrics that watch is measuring you can check out on the Nokia Health Mate application which is available for iPhone and Android users.

You can buy Xiaomi Mi Band 2 for much lesser price, but you wouldn’t then get a proper analogue, beautifully crafted watch that has tiny screen to show you notifications and other relevant info like steps, calories burned, distance and hearth rate. And it is also waterproof up to 50 m.

If you are interested in the Steel HR do visit the Nokia health page.