Video: Nokia demoed Nokia BPM+ and coolest thermometer Thermo

Nokia continues promoting its Health gadgets, this time by making new demo videos of Nokia Thermo and Nokia BPM+ (blood pressure monitor). The videos are conceived as demos, and their main purpose is to get closer with the gadgets, and how to use them. Nokia was always good in showing the important basics of its products in a short time period.

But, as I can see, it is not all about the gadgets itself, there is also a lot about the way Nokia is managing all the data that comes out of each measurement. Everything is recorded and uploaded to the central app where you can easily visualize the data and get some advice on how to improve your health.





Personally, I think that constant measuring with any kind of health gadget doesn’t make any sense, but we should rather use technology when needed. That way we will not be using it obsessively, but rather in a smart way. We definitely don’t need to weight our self on a daily basis, or take the temperature reading, but Nokia did make that a fun and simple thing to do ?. I think that this kind of gizmos have a future. Maybe they should be even smaller, or unified in some way. Imagine Nokia Thermo and BPM in one device.