Nokia Mobile teasing with shorts about upcoming device

Nokia Mobile is hinting at the release of three new devices through a series of YouTube Shorts. The videos feature abstract images and cryptic captions, accompanied by the hashtag #SoNew.

The first video shows sparkly glitter thrown in the air against a purple background, with a caption that reads “So fast you don’t want to miss it”. This suggests that the upcoming device may have fast processing speeds or other features that emphasize speed and efficiency. Or it is dustproof thanks to the IP52 certificate…

In the second video, clear bubbles are featured with a caption that reads “Let’s be so clear.” This could hint at a device with a high-quality display or camera, or perhaps a focus on clear communication (like 5G connectivity). Another possibility is a nice clear-back design, which is popular lately, especially with the new Nothing Phone. However, those bubbles do look like lenses, so a triple-camera setup is coming (could we finally get a telephoto camera, and why never?).

The third and most intriguing video features purple feathers forming a circular pattern, with a caption that reads “We are almost ready to unfold our feathers”. This cryptic message could suggest that the new device has a foldable screen or some other innovative feature that sets it apart from other smartphones on the market. However, it’s best not to set high expectations until official announcements are made. Maybe it is just a feather light device?

All three videos feature the #SoNew hashtag, which reinforces the idea that Nokia Mobile is preparing to release new products. While the company has faced challenges in recent years, with many consumers gravitating towards other smartphone brands, these hints of a new release suggest that Nokia Mobile is still committed to providing products under the legendary Nokia brand.

We should also not forget that already leaked phones Nokia G42 5G and Nokia G310 5G are the most likely ones to be announced since there are just two uncovered spots on EUIPO, or maybe there is a chance for something #sonew.

It looks to me that the announcement is imminent.