Confirmed: HMD will update the Camera app for #Nokia Android devices

Nokia Lumia Camera UI

HMD Global’s Chief Product Manager Juho Sarvikas, who is very active on Twitter communicating with fans and customers, and I find that most admirable, confirmed that HMD will indeed update the camera application on the new Nokia devices. This is not completely a new information, because Juho previously stated that HMD is taking seriously the feedback for the camera application.



Apart from answering yes to the direct question “will HMD update the camera app”, he also affirmatively responded to a comment that the UI of the Nokia Lumia Camera is the “most convenient UI ever.”

HMD already changed a little bit of its camera UI with the Nokia 8 (where the manual settings can be accessed within the camera UI), but also with the Nokia 7. Unfortunately, the information we have about Nokia 7 is limited, so we don’t really know how much the app is improved or how much does it look like to the old Nokia camera UI. As you probably already know, HMD is rightful owner of the Lumia Camera UI.

All in all, HMD keeps working on improving their products, while listening to good suggestions from the community. Big kudos to Juho for doing a great job and finding time as the CPO to engage with the community.