Nokia revises financial 2021 guidelines as the results are better than expected

Finnish telecommunications giant Nokia announced this week that the company expects to exceed its 2021 financial guidelines, meaning Nokia’s financial performance in 2021 turned out to be better than expected.

In a press release, Nokia said that in Q4 2021 the company’s underlining business performed largely as expected, but other operating income was higher than expected which resulted in higher operating margins. Preliminary and unaudited financial results from Finns say that the revenue for 2021 is expected to be around 22.2 billion euro, in line with the previous estimate of 21.7 to 22.7 billion euro. The operating margin is expected to be 12.4-12.6%, which is higher than the 10 to 12% guidance issued in October 2021. For 2022, the company expects to perform with an operating margin of 11% to 13.5%.

Nokia’s full year 2021 financial report will be released on 3rd February and we will know more details about the company’s outlook then.

Source: Nokia