Make your own Nokia 8 protective case with 3D printer

Nokia 8 is a beautiful device and many of you would love to protect it with a plastic or silicone case. The problem is that cases, official and unofficial are still hard to find. But, if you have 3D printer you can print yourself one. XDA member HD2Owner made a blueprint of the protective case for the Nokia 8. You can download the .zip file and even further change the blueprint (STL file) to suite your needs.


Nokia used to publish 3D print plot for cases of many Nokia Lumia phones. I remember that you could print your own removable back cover for the Nokia Lumia 820, or print cases for the Lumia 1520.  That work maybe wasn’t beautiful  but was cool back in 2014 when 3D printers become cheaper and thus available to many.


If you know how to operate the 3D printer and are able to approach one, try to make this case and send us a photo. 🙂