Nokia 8.3 5G gets new Android Build and Nokia 2.4 February security patch

8.3 5G now with Android 11
8.3 5G now with Android 11

Nokia mobile released a new Build update for Nokia 8.3 5G. The update V2.210 is 47.55 MB in size and besides some obvious minor enhancements and bug fixes of the Android 11, it is bringing a March security patch.

Our Abdulla, or also known as MrNokia just received the update in the UAE, but the same update isn’t available for mine 8.3 5G which means I’ll be waiting for it a bit longer.
Anyway, there have been some bugs that many reported, and I also noticed it as well as our Mr.Nokia which you check here.

Video: Android 11 Review on Nokia 8.3 5G

The most annoying bug was the one of the caller app and not being able to properly answer the calls. Hope most of the obvious bugs are being polished with this update. Mr. Nokia will probably give his overview of the update in the comments after he installs it on his 8.3.

Nokia 2.4 finally started receiving the February security patch which is 25.73 MB in size. The update is available in Europe, but if you are a proud owner of Nokia 2.4, do check if it popped up on your device.

With the update of Nokia 8.3 we are starting the March accordion on our Update Tracker page.