#Nokia Thermo is 20% cheaper now

Nokia has lowered the price of its cool thermometer, Thermo. The new price went 20% down and now you can get Nokia’s digital temporal thermometer for €79.96, but just till the October 31th. The shipping for the Thermo is free, and Nokia will give you a 30-day return period in case you are not satisfied in any way with it. For this gadget you will get the standard 2-year warranty which is great.

To find out how it functions take a look on the video below.

If you have small children, like I do, then you know how painful it is to measure child’s temperature. This could sort all our problems in a matter of seconds and everything is uploaded to your mobile phone so you don’t need to lie about the temperature reading to the doctor.


Nokia Health

P.S. Nokia 3 in white colour does look cool next to the Thermo