4 #Nokia phones in Top 10 trending on GSMArena.com

After a few years, Nokia-branded devices are back in GSMArena’s Top 10 devices by readers’ interest. The new Nokia 3310 took the first place, and is No.1 from the day it was announced. Nokia 6, HMD’s midrange Android Nougat smartphone, was this week’s number 2. Nokia 5, the €189 aluminum smartphone with Android Nougat, was 9th. The biggest surprise is that the old Nokia 3310 took the 10th place.

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HMD’s re-launching of the Nokia 3310 was a big marketing hit. Nokia 3310 indirectly caused more interest for other HMD’s devices, like the Nokia 6, that attracted more interest than the LG G6, or the Nokia 5, that entered Top 10 Trending Devices of the week.

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