HMD chose teen pop star Isac Elliot as #Nokia ambassador for Nordics

HMD Global today officially announced to the Finnish press that the company signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Finnish teen popstart Isac Elliot. Isac will become a Nokia Ambassador and the Nokia 8 will be a part of his private and professional life. He will be using the device to share and communicate via social media, where he has quite a good reach, considering the size of the Nordics market. To be precise, near half a million Instagram followers, less than 200k Facebook followers and less than 100k Twitter followers.


Considering his young age and that HMD scored a “long-term” agreement, the reach Nokia devices will get being promoted by Isac will gradually increase. Apart from singing, he is also a songwriter, dancer and actor. You can check his music at Spotify or at YouTube.


At first, I was sceptical about the “Ambassadors” promotion Nokia did before, because I didn’t quite find it effective on our local market. After looking deeper into the person chosen for the Nordics market, and a little talk with Finns, Isac seems to be a great candidate for the job of promoting the 8’s features to younger audiences.

Your thoughts, as always, are welcomed down below. 🙂