Nokia organizing Let’s talk: Imaging event in India *UPDATED*

Nokia Mobile announced over at the Community Forums that a new Let’s talk meet will take place in India this time on the topic of photography.

Photography is an important aspect of today’s smartphones, if not the most important on some markets. Nokia Mobile’s Let’s talk events have a purpose to let fans and consumers interact directly with engineers and designers inside Nokia Mobile and help them develop better products.

To get a chance to participate in the meetup that will be held on April 4th in Bangalore, you have to be over 18 years old, be a resident of India and answer the question “Which is the one photograph you are most proud to have taken? Tell us about this photo in as much detail as possible. Talk about EXIF data, the photography techniques you’ve used, and any other interesting details you would like to share.” As well as follow and like Nokia Mobile on Facebook and Instagram.

You can find the details about the contest here.

This is really an interesting question from Nokia Mobile. I’m not eligible for Nokia Mobile’s event, but one of my proudest photos is the one below. I’m not proud of the photo because it is extraordinary good, but more because it was a realisation that anyone can take beautiful photos on devices that can fit in our pockets.

Do share some of your photography moments in the comments down below. 🙂

Update: The meetup was postponed