Nokia 9 Pureview posing in stainless steel color with copper accent

The standard process when a smartphone manufacturer is creating a new smartphone is the creation of numerous prototypes in different colors. Juho Sarvikas tweeted a photo of his personal Nokia 9 PureView prototype in stainless steel color with diamond cut edges and an anodized copper accent at sides. Stainless steel color does look nice, especially with copper accent, but I prefer the blue version of the Nokia 9 PV. This one just doesn’t look good to me, but it is all down to personal taste. As Romans would say, De gustibus non est disputandum.

There was also a gray version of 9 PureView with the diamond cut edges that looked neutral, but cool. I must say that the blue one is the best.

Anyway, one thing I like is more color variants of the model. For example, a red version of the Nokia 7.2 would also look great. Nokia Anew suggested that there is a prototype of a red Nokia 7.2 but that doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing it.

There was a prototype of Nokia 6.2 in copper but it seems that designers just didn’t like that one too much to make it available in stores. Somehow I think that one could have been a hit.

I wouldn’t mind if Juho would post a few more photos of his personal prototype collection 🙂