Nokia OVNI is the future name for Nokia drones

First time I saw the Nokia logo pasted on a drone I was excited a bit, because I imagined myself controlling a Nokia drone over a Nokia phone. It seems that my imagination could become reality. Nokia phones are back and Nokia just filed a trademark application for drones over at the European Union Intellectual Property Office or EUIPO.


So, Nokia OVNI could be the name for upcoming drones, or just OVNI. Unfortunately for fans, that name doesn’t scream mass market product all over, but rather a product that will be made for the purposes of network setup and control, damage assessment and rescue operations. Nokia used drones before that had a camera and networking equipment attached for the purpose of testing 4G networks. Nokia even won the first prize at UAE Drones for Good Award Event fort the presentation of the #NokiaSavingLives platform.

It is interesting that the contact person is from Alcatel-Lucent International, Trademark Department rather than Nokia, so maybe that French Telecommunication company developed the drone technology faster or Nokia is just using that department to file the application.


Check out the video of Nokia drones in action.

Anyway, who knows, maybe there is a chance to see some mass market drones from Nokia that could be controlled over some app installed on the Nokia smartphones sometime in the future.

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