MegaFon has super fast Nokia powered 5G network

Megafoneru tested its 5G network in Russia which was built by Nokia. Thy tested voice and videos calls, file downloads and data transfer, and finally packet connections. All the bytes were flying through Nokia AirScale base station. And those bytes flew so fast it could reach Mars before Elon Musk does.

In a short but informative video posted on Nokia Twitter account, you can see the test MegaFonRU did on iPhone 14 Extra Max, or some latest Xperia phone maybe. Just kidding, they tested it on some kind of a 5G Hub device which is powered by Android and Qualcomm’s 5G chipset. The speed MegaFon achieved was 2.43 Gbps which is equivalent to 303 MB per second, or just pure awesome. Of course, this test was done on a close range to the antenna and with most probably just one device connected to the antenna, but the speeds that 5G is going to bring are incredible.