The time is still not right for Nokia 888 to become a reality

Design… The final frontier. These are the voyages of Nokia. It’s continuing mission, to explore strange new shapes. To seek out new hardware and new materials. To boldly go where no company has gone before.
This could easily be the intro to every video or presentation of Nokia in the 2000s. Nokia was experimenting boldly with the design and hardware capabilities of the future smartwatches back then. Nokia was holding most of the market share then and was in a position to influence and shape the smartphone industry. The result of one of those voyages into the unknown was the Nokia 888 concept. This futuristic design was much ahead of its time and included a liquid battery, flexible screen, adjustable touch-sensitive body that would adjust to the environment, speech recognition, etc.

This device wouldn’t only adjust its color, but the shape also so you could wear it as a watch, or fold it in your pocket. The main idea was that the perfect form doesn’t exist and that it should follow you, or your needs. This design was created back in 2006 (if my memory serves me well) but the time is still not right for it to become a reality. The technology of usable foldable phones has just started, and this kind of phone we could be seeing in the next 10 years or maybe even sooner. Maybe Nokia Mobile could pull some ideas from Nokia 888 concept for the future Nokia smartphones.

Check more about the concept here.