Nokia 8 commercial resembles a bit on the old Lumia 925 commercial?

Nokia Mobile started promoting the Nokia 8 a bit more seriously by pushing two short videos. The first one was published few weeks ago and it promotes Nokia 8’s camera capabilities. The second one promotes the Google Pay option which seems quite easy to use with the Nokia 8. Video is great, cheerful, targeting young population as the Nokia 8 also does.

But something else draw my attention to those videos. Check them below before i continue down the memory lane.

I don’t know who directed the videos above, but I noticed some resemblance of the second one with some old videos done for some Lumia models few years ago, Lumia 925 to be exact. That particular video was all about the competence of the Nokia Lumia 925 camera at low light conditions, but the style used was similar like in the new videos.

We can see young people dancing, doing some exhibitions with the gear that are light up scooters then, and some light up roller skates today. Even though the music isn’t of the same genre (more aggressive today), the atmosphere in the video is the same. Makes you want to play with the Lumia 925 or Nokia 8 for a while. Well, that is the meaning of the commercial, but wonder if HMD used same directors or marketing people from Nokia’s Devices and Services department… What do you think? Maybe I’m just being nostalgic about the times when Nokia head means to do quality marketing videos.

Thanks Gagi990 for the tip ?