Rumors: #Nokia 8 with more RAM could hit China and the US

To simplify the manufacturing process and speed up deliveries, HMD Global decided to offer just the 4GB/64GB variant of the Nokia 8 at launch. It’s a sane decision for a company that faced logistical issues before with the 3, 5 and 6, especially when a flagship is in question. Now, NPU reports that sources familiar with HMD revealed that the company is indeed planning to launch a “customized” version of the Nokia 8 once the main variant hits the market.

The customized version, that includes 6GB or more of RAM, and 128GB (or more) of internal memory, should first appear in China, a high priority market for HMD. NPU’s source says that the improved version of Nokia 8 may hit the US too, but US is not high on HMD’s priority list because the market is historically less keen to Nokia compared to Europe and Asia.

It seems unfair to customers in other markets that HMD will be selling a “better” version of the 8 in China and US, but these markets will have to wait a little longer for the “improved” variant, because the main 4GB/64GB variant is expected to go on sale early next month. The variant with 6GB/128GB will probably be more expensive than the main variant that costs €599.

Again, a variant with more RAM is needed in extremely competitive markets like China, but I would put there India, too. In fact, it would be best to offer the 6GB/128GB variant on most markets, once the supply reaches a comfortable level for targeted markets, i.e. China and the US.