HMD is ready for MWC2018, are you? (Link for live stream)

This Sunday, HMD is going to continue this wonderful Nokia comeback story that it started a year ago. Expectations are a bit higher this year, since we all knew that when HMD launched the first batch of Nokia smartphones, it was a relatively small startup company with limited resources. Things have changed a lot in the past year, and Nokia brand took 1% of global smartphone market in Q4 last year, while HMD improved itself with new people, engineers and patents. Everybody is probably asking what we are going to see tomorrow, but let’s start first with some basic information about the event itself.

HMD is ready for tomorrow what was confirmed by HMD’s CTO Juho Sarvikas. The place is still the same, Barcelona Contemporary Museus, and the whole event will be streamed live. You can follow it by clicking HERE on Facebook, on YouTube HERE or at The event starts at 16:00 local time (15:00 GMT) and will last for one hour.

I am not sure if Nokia itself will be there. I’m not seeing OZO cameras installed on the photos that Juho tweeted, but Nokia people will be following it closely, since HMD is bringing glory back to the Nokia brand. Nokia itself will be situated in Hall 3, which is just few steps from HMD’s hall. Nokia will be showing a lot of products there, mostly from Networking, but there will be health gadgets together with Nokia phones. I hope they will show some new ones too.


It is always tricky to say what are we going to see tomorrow, but we can expect at least 4 smartphones and two feature phones. We already know from previous leaks that Nokia 7 Plus is coming, and it will be available globally (with China as a possible exception since they have Nokia 7). Next, we could also see Nokia 6 (2018) which was launched earlier in China.

HMD owe us a real flagship model from 2017 and many thought that Nokia 9 could be coming by the end of 2017. It seems that Nokia 9 was replaced with, or just its name was changed into Nokia 8 Sirocco, and it could also be presented together with Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 6.

There are some speculations that some even stronger models could have its debut at Nokiamobile event, but I think that true flagship phone is still not ready.

Last smartphone that could be shown is Nokia 1, which will probably be the first Android GO phone launched.

Then, there are definitely some feature phones that are going to be unveiled, and one of those could easily be Nokia 3310 4G probably followed by some other legendary feature phone from Nokia’s glory days. Down below follow some photos of the devices we can expect to see tomorrow.

Nokia 7 Plus

Nokia 8 Sirocco

Sketch of Nokia 9/8 Sirocco

Nokia 6 2018

Nokia 1

Nokia 3310 4G

Once more, the tomorrow’s event starts at 15h GMT and you can follow it via Facebook or Down below you can find the embedded YouTube live stream for the event.




P.S. Here is the pic of time zones so you can recalculate the exact local time of the event