#Nokia 8 records amazing audio with #OZO Audio (@Btekt)

Btekt did, among other videos, a comparison between Nokia 8’s OZO Audio Technology and HTC U11’s 3D Surround Technology, alongside with a few videos demonstrating the OZO Audio on Nokia 8. For the full experience please put on a pair of headphones and enjoy.


As you have probably heard, Nokia 8 records amazing audio and if you used headphones, you could notice how the sound changes the direction depending of the movement of audio source.

Nokia OZO Audio is a patented set of Technologies capable of recording (and reproducing) spatial audio. It was named after Nokia OZO, the first VR camera that used that spatial sound recording. On the Nokia 8 we have 3 microphones that do the job, but on the OZO VR camera there are 8.

Other YouTube videos from Btekt with the Nokia 8 can be checked here. We covered some low-light recordings of Nokia 8 by Btekt here.

Tell us your opinion about the comparison and OZO Audio on Nokia 8 in the comments down below. 🙂