Check out some more Nokia 8 camera shots (Nokians). Low light shots could be better!

Nicolas from the got his hands on the Nokia 8 and did a short but laudable photo test. He took few shots in different lighting conditions and he used single colour, double and then single monochromatic camera setting. Judging by the photos, Nokia 8 camera isn’t that bad since the contrast is fine, sharpness also and in double mode (RGB + monochromatic camera) Nokia 8 can make clearly better shots than by using just colour camera, especially in low light conditions. The same applies for great and low light shots, but things can be polished a little bit more.

Here are some photos taken by Nokians. More shots you can find at their site and at their Flickr profile you can check the full resolution shots. First photo is RGB, second one Dual and the third one is monochrome.

Here is the low light videp

Also, low light video seems pretty good even though Youtube channel BTekt did some comparison video with Sony Xperia XZ Premium where Nokia 8 camera didn’t do well night or low light shots. But, OIS in Nokia 8 performed much better than in Xperia XZ Premium.

Well, Nokia 8 still isn’t available in the stores and HMD Global will probably polish its camera by the time it comes to the market. The same thing happened with the camera of the Nokia 6.

Thanks everyone for the tip 😊.


  • Michael

    I’ll be honest, the first shot (RGB) of the flower and tree setting looks ever so slightly better to my eyes. But, like any camera, one needs to understand the limitations and capabilities and shoot accordingly. I’ve looked at lots of shots on dpreview from new photographers that went out and shot with their DSLR and producing shots that didn’t look much better than those above.

    We seem to be asking a lot from these small camera sensors. Low light and high dynamic ranges shots are always going to be a challenge, no matter the phone. Software can only do so much. It *is* possible to take good photos to show the absolute best these phones can do, most of these review sights don’t do that unless they have a favorite and an agenda.

    • I deliberately placed the flower photo because even to me there wasn’t any difference, or even the first one looked better. But, regarding the camera, it can be polished further since algorithms can always be improved.

      • Algorithms can surely be improved get enhanced images

        Google did great with “HDR+”
        But, if it’ll be a limitation due to the sensor.. that will be a problem.

        • jonny

          nokia – Pixel size: 1.12µm
          samsung s8 – Pixel size: 1.4µm
          It’s not only about software. Phones with good low light pictures have better hardware. Like u11, google pixel etc.

          • Yup,
            Algorithms can be improved but if it’s a limitation due to the sensor. You can’t turn around the world upside down.

          • But considering how much they improved the camera on the global 6 (GSMArena said they think it’s a new module how much it is improved), I don’t doubt that they will improve the 8’s via updates. HMD is a small Company and now with ZEISS they will surely be faster in camera development.
            It would be utterly stupid to put bad (average) camera hardware on Nokia 8, and I don’t think they done that.

          • Let’s wait for the reviews to drop in.

      • Michael

        Yes, as OKAY said and as I’m sure you know, the sensor will be the limitation. But, yeah, it would be great to see some processing tweaks that show of the advantage of shooting with the two sensors since, at least from those examples, there is none.

        As far as low light, I’ve attached one from my P9. Results from the Nokia 8 *should* be similar and if they are, I’ll be happy enough and the phone will meet my expectations. I was just messing around, but shows what a decent low-light shot can look like.

        My last comment was more to do with what I am reading on other sites and unrealistic expectations of phone cameras, especially if your name is Nokia. Some commenters seem to be really upset that the Nokia brand is re-entering the mobile phone space. You’d think Nokia was out to steal their girlfriend.

  • I was thinking that now more or less Android 8.0 is going to be official on 21st of August,
    How about if HMD manages to deliver 8.0 on the day of phone getting into the hands of first customer waiting there already to download + A completely new Camera App.

  • Zeno

    The camera app still need a lot of work. Iso and shutter isn’t available. Time lapse shoots in 4k and almost same speed as normal video. 1 and 1/2 hours lapse gave 32 minutes video in 4k. And you can’t configure anything else than zoom, in time lapse.