#Nokia’s comeback to #Mexico starts on the 31st August

HMD Global sent media invites for an local event scheduled on 31st August in Mexico. Even though Nokia 3, 5 and 6 were announced 6 months ago, HMD still struggles keeping up with the demand and delivering devices to the promised markets. An interesting thing is that Mexico, just like the United States, was initially not on the list of markets in which the devices will be available.

On 31st August, HMD is expected to unveil new phones for the Mexican market, and considering that Lumia devices held more marketshare than the iPhone in Mexico, they will probably re-introduce the Nokia 3, 5 and 6. We cannot ignore that HMD is expected to unveil their flagship device this month, so it seems logical that the flagship will be also included for the Mexican market.

It’s great to see HMD covering more and more markets, especially in the Latin America where Nokia’s been historically a strong brand. Now that HMD is selling Devices on a global scale, they really need to improve their (FIH Mobile’s) manufacturing capabilities. Also, expanding the targeted markets means HMD and Nokia brand on smartphones are here to stay.

Source: xataka.com