Gran Vals turned into Nokia Tune 24 years ago

Nokia Mobile has just reminded us that 24 years ago Nokia Tune was accepted to be the official tune for Nokia phones. Actually, Nokia Tune showed up first 25 years ago in the Nokia TV commercial, but next year Ansi Vanjoki, the executive Vice President at the time, selected the famous part of the “Gran Vals” to be the tone most people will deliberately forget to change after they set up their phone. If you are not familiar vith the Gran Valse, it’s a composition made for a guitar by Spanish composer Francisco Tarrega in 1902. And funny is that Nokia already was existing for 37 years (founded at 1865).

Nokia Tune changed over the time, but the melody stayed the same. On the SoundCloud you can check how the Nokia Tune evolved from the early buzzer tone from 1999 to the latest 2013 version.

When HMD relaunched the Nokia phones, they did an interesting promo video called Nokia Buskers where they combined performances of various bands doing the Nokia Tune in their own specific way. I really like how some bands performed Nokia Tune. The best one for me is the one around 1:05 :).


Anyway, cheers to the most famous ring tone of today.