Less known details of Nokia 3310

Although I liked the Nokia 3210 more, Nokia 3310 was something everyone wanted to have, me included. It came in an attractive smaller form factor which is something we cherished back in 2000. Nokia 3310 also has super cool games like Space Invaders which was a nice addition to Snake. While searching for some info about Nokia 3310, I stumbled upon a great video posted by Janus Cycle. There are two videos dedicated to the Nokia 3310, one explores some lesser-known aspects of the phone like the internal built, third-party games, and screensavers and another goes beyond the 3310.

I watched the second video first since it reminded me of times when I tried to tamper with the boards and flash older Nokia phones. Also, there are some nice explanations of all the future versions Nokia built on the 3310 platform like the Nokia 3350 or Nokia 3410. The only thing Nokia changed was software and Nokia really excelled back then. The Finns even made a custom 3D engine which pushed the limits of the 30 MHz CPU made by Texas Instruments.

Now, if you do enjoy old tech, charge your Nokia wireless buds or headphones, sit back and start with Secrets of the Nokia 3310 and then switch to Beyond the Nokia 3310.


Shame this channel has so few subscribers since the host is doing a great job in narrating all the important facts about the things he is doing. It is also a shame that I have just found it. Its content is so great, and just perfect after watching a great Tetris movie which I recommend watching. Some other great phones are covered in the channel too like Ericsson A1018 or T68, Nokia 5110 or even some older NEC phones.

Here you can check out the teardown of the new Nokia 3310 and check how simple the new components look like.