Is there a connection between the Nokia N8 and Nokia 8?


I heard a lot of guys here, and elsewhere on other portals, don’t quite like the copper edition of the Nokia 8. Well, I wasn’t so excited on first, but I must say it looks different than what the competition is offering. Actually, I’ll judge that when I get the device in my hands for a test/review. But, I must say that when I noticed the first photos of the copper Nokia 8, it fired up brain cells responsible for long-term memory. Maybe the main idea of the colour came from the device I thought of. Remember when Nokia N8 (funny that it has the initials of Nokia 8=N8) came with ionized aluminium body painted with various colours. One of those was orange, and when you look at it, it resembles a lot on the copper colour of the Nokia 8’s aluminium body.

I remember that many people liked Nokia N8 in that particular colour since it looked cool. Maybe the Nokia 8 will cause the same effect with people or fans. Anyway, it is interesting that history is always repeating itself, but with slight modifications.

And, do you remember what came after the Nokia N8… I’ll just leave it here ?.