Whatsapp for s40 Nokia devices will stop working in 2019

New Year’s time is usually a time of great happiness and celebration. Not all will be celebrating tomorrow, especially not the owners of s40 Nokia devices like Asha 501, 210 or 301 and others. December 31st of 2018 is the last day s40 phones will be able to use Whatsapp for communication. The support ended a long time ago, but owners of these phones were still able to use Whatsapp services. That shouldn’t be possible in 2019 since Whatsapp didn’t prolong its support.

s40 Nokia phones were quite popular around the world since they were something in between the feature and smartphones, but still very versatile devices to use. Nowadays there are devices like Nokia 1, or 2 which are cheap to buy and versatile like s40 phones. Well, maybe it’s time to change your beloved s40 Nokia devices for some low-end smartphone, or wait a bit till Whatsapp comes to Nokia 8110 4G or some similar feature phone with Nokia logo in the future.