The original Nokia 800 Tough is Nokia 5210 from 2001

The announcement of Nokia 800 Tough reminded me of one classic Nokia phone that was dear to me. It was the Nokia 5210, released back in 2001, a phone I got after the legendary 3310. It was a phone that offered excellent protection to your (mine) investment since its body was a case that was mounted on the core of the phone. It was also interesting to use the phone without the case since it reminded me of Terminator T800 that just lost its flash in the huge explosion. Anyway, the phone also had a thermometer, and I couldn’t understand why since one would hold 5210 in pants or purse, and it would never show the real outside temperature. Next, to the extra protection it offered, I liked the idea and simplicity to replace the case when it got damaged. Those weren’t so cheap back then, especially with the Nokia logo on it, but you would get a fresh new look and even new color if you wanted.

Here is a nice video review I stumbled upon on Youtube that shows how great this phone was.

To me, Nokia 800 Tough is a sort of a revival of the Nokia 5210. The 800 Tough is a phone that can withstand a lot, just like 5210 used to, but you won’t be able to quickly change the phone’s worn-out skin if needed. This is the reason why I would love to see Gorilla glass protecting the screen of 800 Tough. Anyone here owned a Nokia 5210?