Nokia 3310 available with Serbian operator VIP Mobile


Serbian teleoperator VIP Mobile offered their customers the new Nokia 3310 through the prepaid offer. The price of the device is RSD7990 which is approximately €65, or €16 more than the announced price. Since the device isn’t still officially available in Serbia, or neighbouring countries, we can’t verify if you can actually grab or just check the device in Vip mobile’s shops.

But, if you owned a Nokia 3310 and want to do it again, you can get it soon from shops, but also thought the offer of local operators which is great tactics by HMD Mobile.  We can remember when Nokia was pushing best models as the exclusive deals for some operators and that went so well. Personally, I support the idea of devices being available everywhere, in stores, shops, operator since that is the only way to bring back the market share. The same thing should be done with Nokia smartphones.




Thx kaluhood for the tip