Google Assistant button coming on midrange Nokia phones

Nokia Mobile just published another teaser of the upcoming phone that the world will be seeing on the June 6th event. On the short GIF, you can see that the new Nokia phone will be coming with the Google Assistant dedicated button which was introduced with Nokia 3.2 and 4.2.

It seems that Nokia Mobile will be bringing Google’s version of Bixby button to the upper range of its smartphones. Unlike Bixby, Google Assistant is a more developed and at the end more useful tool, and to access it with just a tap might be cool for all the people that are utilizing Google’s smart assistant.

I’m just hoping for a power button with a breathing light to be included in the upcoming Nokia phones since that would be a useful feature now that Samsung got rid of a popular but archaic notification light. Also, breathing light is a kind of Nokia legacy. The last Nokia phone I had with breathing light was Nokia C701. Oh man, what a great phone that was. It also had a dedicated charging LED light to tell you that the phone is charging successfully. The power button on Nokia 4.2 and 3.2 does have the same purpose, and that is why I was more than happy to see it on Nokia phones. A dedicated camera button would be also a nice addition, but think that it is not necessary since less shaky shots can be taken without it.