Nokia 9 cases from Terrapin Accessories available for purchase?!

I’ve been doing the finishing touches for the micro review of the Terrapin Accessories cases for Nokia 6 and 8, and saw that they introduced the cases for the Nokia 9, too. When I got the cases for the Nokia 8 on the packaging was written that those are suitable for both, Nokia 8 and 9. When I asked Terrapin about it they said that the first plan was for Nokia 9 to look just like Nokia 8, at least that were the design specifications they got. Later they told me that they will adjust the design of the Nokia 9 cases to the new specifications (dimensions and ports) once the device is official.

And now we have gel cases for the Nokia 9 that resembles to the casing that got leaked some time ago (picture above). You can see from the case photos that Nokia 9 will have curved display design. The same body lines are going to be present at the back also. We can see that the camera module is reserved just for the camera (maybe), and below is the fingerprint sensor. On the side of the camera cut out are two holes, one probably for the LED flash and on the left the hole for the back facing microphone (or IR sensor maybe). Another thing that we can see is the hole at the top which could be reserved for the 3.5 mm headphone jack, that is slowly getting removed from flagship devices. Or maybe that one is for the microphone… I can’t see well from the photos. It seems a bit small for the 3.5 mm jack, and the best position for the rear microphone is next to the camera…

Another case from shows the top cutout for a microphone, so we are still not sure what will happen with the 3.5mm headphone jack on the Nokia 9.


Lately there have been a lot of Nokia 9 cases circulating around, with similar body design we saw from leaked pictures and sketches. Because of that, we could say that the launch of the best Nokia smartphone to date is right around the corner. The Slush event that is going to start in just 5 days seems like a great event to show the device. There is a 15-minute time period reserved for a product launch at the Founders stage (main stage), which could be for Nokia 9. OK, I’m just guessing right now, but this is good timeframe to launch a Snapdragon 835 top model, since next year will be definitely too late for that. HMD can’t afford the LG G6 scenario.

Oh, the price for the Gell case is £5.59. 

Source: Terrapin