Spain could see Nokia 3310 (2017) on May 15, but for €59

There are more and more reports about Nokia 3310 coming later in the May, and we also found that price is going to be a little bit higher then HMD targeted. There is a reason to believe that Nokia 3310 (2017) might be the first out of 4 Nokia phones that HMD unveiled at the MWC2017 to arrive in stores. This might be truth since it is much easier to manufacture Nokia 3310 than all aluminum body Nokia 6 (or other two).

Latest information about the release and the price of the Nokia 3310 (2017) come from Spain where retailer (German Media Markt) stated it will be available on May 15, for €59, which is €10 more than originally predicted.

HMD stated that their official price is an estimation and the price might vary since not all the countries have same taxes and other duties.

Regarding the exact date of an arrival, different dates have been given and none was confirmed. But, all of them fall within existing info. Well, I am eager to see new Nokia devices in the stores, but this delay makes them more of a last year devices then something that should be new. HMD should work on getting the devices faster to the market if we don’t want to relive Nokia Lumia 920 scenario all over again.




Thanks Gagi990 for the tip 🙂