Video: #Nokia’s Digital Automation unit is recruiting new team members

Nokia is (probably) recruiting new workers everyday but it is not quite often to see it being done over a video published on official YouTube channel. Nokia’s department of Digital Automation is searching for a new team members and this could easily be some engineers dream job. Automation is the future of many things in the various industry fields and with 5G networks it will become even more efficient. This unit is dealing with the development of AI, autonomous vehicles, drones, cloud computing, digital analytics and many other interesting stuff. Nokia is searching for creative software engineers, artificial intelligence engineers, business developers and digital analytics professionals. If you are one of those leave your application for Digital Automation as a Service team to the email The best thing is to check out the announcement video of this interesting job posting.

Love those Nokia videos, they always incorporate some nice shots and graphics. All videos have the similar directors touch. Wonder if the producer/director is some old Nokian 🙂

Cheers Idiot for a tip!