Patent pending solution from #Nokia will improve quality of your Wi-Fi

Wi Fi really won us a battle against cables lying around the rooms we were trying to be connected to the internet. Be became free, but that freedom cost us bad Wi-Fi speeds because of interference with other routers. This is especially problem in densely populated areas where everyone is enjoying Wi-Fi connections.

Nokia found a way to increase the usability of Wi-Fi, or better say Wireless access points (APs) by introducing the patent-pending technique for assigning optimal channels to APs that provides the best throughput possible. According to the published White Paper, AP would perform the scan to get the baseline data about the path losses, manageable and unmanageable AP’s (those that can and cannot be managed). Based on the data, access points would be grouped into subsets (cliques), and then channels would be assigned to each AP within the each clique. Then the AP with the most traffic and interference would first get assigned with the channel. That way with assigning the channels to each constrained AP, we get fewer constrains to deal with and improve the WiFi.


This patent pending solution is based on Nokia’s similar solution from the world of mobile networks where self-organizing network (SON) automates the planning, configuration, management, optimization and healing of mobile radio access networks (RANs). This solution helped improve the download speed by 45% and a 22% the upload speed.

Nokia Press