Nokia phones on GSMArena’s fan favourite and most popular phones of 2018 list

The first site I visit when I need to check the specs of some phone is, and I’m sure it’s the first thing most people land on when searching for phone specifications. GSMArena keeps tracks of all the visit and ranks phones based on how many times visitors clicked on their specs page. There is also an option to like a phone, and that statistic was used to create the fan favourite list of 2018.

Fan favourite

On GSMArena’s fan favourite phones list, two Nokia phones appeared – the Nokia 7 Plus on No.3 and Nokia 6.1 Plus on No.9. The Nokia 7 Plus is our favourite phone too and we recommend buying it over anything in HMD’s portfolio. The 7 plus was also crowned as the most durable budget phone by JerryRigEverything, so we can safely say that HMD really hit the nail with this one.

Most popular

On the top 20 most popular phones list, that counts actual views a phones’ page gets, the only phone that found its way on the list is the Nokia 6.1 Plus on 12th place. Samsung and HMD are the only non-Chinese companies on the list.

You can check the full fan favourites list here and most popular phones of 2018 list here.

Other solid phones HMD announced in 2018 that are worth mentioning in my opinion (that we reviewed) are the Nokia 6.1 and the Nokia 2.1. The Nokia 6.1 came as quite an improvement over the original Nokia 6, featuring a nice design, better specs and camera. It’s my primary device at the moment and I’m quite satisfied with it. Nokia 2.1, priced under 100 euros, is an impressive phone for light users and First smartphone owners, and it is probably the best secondary phone thanks to its featurephone-like battery life, stereo speakers and big screen.