Official #Nokia video shows details from the leaked #ZEISS/Dual-camera sketch

Our sharp-eyed reader Rocky sent us a screenshot from the official Nokia Mobile design video, in which in few frames a sketch on the glass drawing board is displayed. The video is narrated and follows HMD’s design team lead Raun Forsyth (or HMD’s sir Jonathan Ive). On the glass drawing board, we can see the sketch a side of a phone with the Nokia logo placed like on the sketch leaked two days ago. Near the side logo it is written “Side detail?”. We can also see the 4mm thickness reference with the note: “what’s possible here” and “need to check critical dimensions”.

The leaked sketch
Side detail “Nokia” logo from the official video
Nokia logo and 4mm from the leaked sketch
4mm from the official video

The phone from the official video has a pillow-like design, at least on the top and upper side of the front, somehow reminding me of  Galaxy S8 or LG G6. That could be possible because Raun Forsyth, the Head of Design at HMD, worked for almost 10 years in Nokia and Microsoft in the “Advanced design” team, so he surely knows what trends the industry is and will be following in terms of the design. Check the official design video down below.

But let’s not get too excited. The sketch from the official video could just be some design principles or design references for Nokia 6, 5 or 3. Maybe some enthusiast saw the design in the official video and made his flagship Nokia phone sketch. Or maybe the leaked sketch is really authentic. The only thing we can do is wait for an official announcement.

Thanks Rocky for the tip. 🙂