Leak: #ZEISS optics and Dual-lens camera on a #Nokia device design sketch?!

From China with love comes an alleged design sketch of a Nokia-branded device with dual-lens camera and the ZEISS branding on the back. The drawn device follows the design guidelines we saw on the Nokia 6, and is consistent with the rumour of a dual-camera Nokia-branded flagship phone HMD is developing. Furthermore, ZEISS is again mentioned and the logo is placed below the dual-lens camera. Also, the design sketch shows a thin top and bottom of the device of just 4mm in width, and a Nokia logo on the side of the phone. The 4mm are probably the width of the corners, with the top and bottom increasing in their width going to the middle to fit the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The sketch looks professionally done, but we cannot confirm if it is authentic. We advise to treat this as a rumor. A rumor that fits nicely with other rumors we heard before. Also, the device looks like one from an alleged internal HMD document that surfaced on the web last year, that contained the accurate design of Nokia 3. (We have been asked to remove the internal design photo, so instead you can see Nokibar’s sketch of future Nokia phone with Zeiss lens)


Rumors we heard before say that HMD plans to announce two high end device with Snapdragon 835 as the processor. The devices are rumored to come in an all aluminum body, 23MP dual camera on the back, and 4GB of RAM for the smaller flagship, while the bigger one will have 6GB of RAM. The announcement should happen in June this year.

via: VTechgraphy

source: Baidu

  • Michael

    Having the Zeiss name and lenses is the final puzzle piece. If this ends up being true, Nokia branded phones will be elevated to the same level of respect as Apple and Samsung. You’ll start seeing Nokia eat into Samsung’s massive marketshare in a couple years if they can match or exceed photo quality on flagship devices. It all fits in and bodes well for Nokia’s overall business plans. *fingers crossed*

    • Yep, ZEISS brings much of the old Nokia back to the new models, but also they can push even further.

  • Dheeraj Lochab

    This design for rumoured devices namely 7&8 with SD660 would be nice as the flagships this year is going with smaller bezels.. happy to see Zeiss hope it’s true.

  • I didn’t like the design though 🙁 I would love to see fabula design back 🙂

    • It’s better to wait for the real thing before giving judgements. Personally, I didn’t like the Nokia 6 design at first, but with every next photo or video coming from China and now from MWC, I like it. Every color. I can’t decide what color version I like the most. 🙂 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8786ddecfa0827bb26d5029f738957dc5995a557721e974a4f1f16f57b70383c.png

      • I like the silver one on the Nokia 6. Blue on Nokia 5 and Gold+white on Nokia 3 and out of all three smartphones Nokia launched i like Nokia 3 the most because of its design and metal+polycarbonate combo which looks almost similar to Nokia Lumia 925. 🙂 I didn’t like the camera design on any of the 3 phones, They could have filed the empty space between the camera and flash by mentioning camera specs instead of leaving it blank. 🙂
        There is one more thing which i can’t understand. HMD Global said they might be manufacturing phones in India then y all the images of Nokia smartphones say “Made in China” at the back??

        • Maybe the units for the Indian market will be homemade? Ajey Mehta said the device will be manufactured in India, but to due to big interest and global availability, one factory is not enough 🙂

  • The best part about this sketch is – “The phone on the right has a 3.5mm headphone jack” unlike the iPhone and upcoming Samsung Flagship 😛

  • Hemedans

    wish they dont use dual camera, i remember those days when Nokia achieve re-focus via software while others like HTC needed dual camera.

  • Muerte


    You guys have noticed, that there are actually two different sketches, right?

    If not, just look at the camera part.

  • I think the image on the right is of Nokia 5. Look at the camera design of the phone on the right. Nokia 5 has round corners same as the phone on the right.