#HMD Global patents the design of the #Nokia 6 *UPDATED*

UPDATE: #HMD granted design patents for #Nokia 3 & 5, too

UPDATE 2: #Nokia 3 (TA-1032) passes #Bluetooth SIG

Original article:

HMD Global is the registered owner of a design patent that resembles the Nokia 6. This shows us that HMD will carry all legal responsibility related to the design of the future Nokia-branded smartphones. This is a good thing for Nokia because this way the company, as one of the strongest patent holders in the mobile industry, cannot be the target of a litigation related to Nokia-branded smartphone, which would weaken Nokia’s position.

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Back to the patent. It was filled on the 18th November last year, and was approved two days ago by  EUIPO. The designers of the device are Jon Lister and Kevin Depape. The drawings clearly show that the device in question is indeed the Nokia 6.

The Nokia 6, together with the 3, 5  & 3310, is expected to hit the market in Q2 this year. To learn more about the 6, click here.