#Nokia #Finland’s biggest patent applicant in 2016 *UPDATED*

Espoo-based Nokia Corporation applied for the most patents in Finland in the year 2016. Nokia submitted 1,059 applications to the EPO (European Patent Office), and was ranked 14th overall in the EPO member countries; while being 4th in the segment of digital communciations, behind Huawei, Qualcomm and Ericsson.

It’s good to remind ourselves that Nokia laid down a new patent strategy on Capital Markets Day last year in Barcelona. Rajeev Suri, the CEO of Nokia, said that patents, or better to say the monetization of patents is the No.1 priority for the company. He announced that Nokia will optimize, and reduce its patent portfolio for better performance. He also added that further R&D investments are made only in segments where Nokia sees great (monetization) opportunity, like VR, Digital Health or IoT.

Via: GoodNewsFinland

Update: Nokia submitted 866 patent applications in 2015, so it’s a noticeable growth of patents in 2016. Also, EPO does not consist only of EU countries, but also of other European non-EU countries like Serbia, Switzerland, Iceland, or Turkey.


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