Video: #Nokia 6 Camera Review by C4ETech

The (Indian) C4ETech YouTube channel did a great review of Nokia 6’s camera. When the phone was presented over a month ago in China, we knew it got a great camera for its price range. But, not so many tests were done properly, and this one is really good. C4ETech said that the camera of the Nokia 6 makes great daylight photos, even though the dynamic range could have been better. The photos are great in well-lit spaces, but the low light photography isn’t that great. The main reason is  the small pixels of the sensor. Ultra-Low light photos are just not usable, but hope that the LED flash is fast pulsing like in Lumia phones. Front facing camera is decent and will make great photos and video phone calls.

Check out the video and tell us what do you think?


Hope that some things can be tweaked for the global release of this device with the help of some Nokia photo veterans like Juha Alakarhu.


Zhank you LoveNokoia for teh tip 🙂