Nokia BellLabs presented new “Drop and Forget” small F-Cell


Nokia Bell Labs announced a new small cell called “F-Cell” that offers greater flexibility, efficiency and easy on-field deployment. This new type of futuristic looking cells will be used for the creation of high capacity and low latency networks and most interesting part is they can be deployed with a drone. F-Cell technology is free of the costly power and backhaul wires and fibers that are currently needed for small cell installation. Because of this, F-Cell installation deployment can be called “drop and forget”.

Bell Labs demonstrated the deployment of the brand-new cell by drone on Nokia rooftop in Sunnyvale, California. New cell is self-powered, self-configured and auto-connected to the network what enables her to instantly begin to stream data. Under the shell there is a closed loop, 64-antenna massive MIMO system placed in a centralized location that is used to form 8 beams to 8 energy autonomous (solar powered) F-Cells, each of which has been redesigned to require minimum processing power so that the solar panel is no larger than the cell itself.

This is a breakthrough in networking business, which will speed up the expansion of capacity where needed. Once again, Nokia showed us that we are living in the future :).

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