#T-Mobile and #Nokia #OZO gave to the world the first 360 concert of Red Hot Chili Peppers


German tele operator T-Mobile organized a concert of internationally famous band Red Hot Chili Papers in front of 1300 very delighted fans. The best part of the concert was that it could be seen in the comfort of sofa trough VR goggles. The concert was filmed with Nokia OZO in 360˚ and distributed to millions of people in over 40 countries where T-Mobile was present. Californian band played few songs from their latest album The Getaway, but fans could also hear hits like Snow, Under The Bridge, Californication or By The Way.

There were several OZO’s distributed all around the stage and can be seen on numerous occasions. I don’t doubt that 360 video and sound looked and sounded great trough VR googles since one of the best professional VR cameras were used to shoot it. Definitely would be nice to peek into the VR video, but for now you can enjoy in standard experience of great Red Hot Chili Papers on your screens.

Damn in, OZO has the best seats!