April update rollout started for Chinese Nokia 6 2017, global Nokia 6 2017, Nokia 5 and Nokia 2

Nokia Mobile started releasing this week the April security patch for a number of devices in the Nokia Android smartphone portfolio. Users from India are reporting that the April update, consisting just of the Android security patch for April, is available for the Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 2017. The April update is also available for Nokia 2 in various markets, including India and the United States. I can confirm that HMD also released the April update for the Chinese Nokia 6 2017 (TA-1000, that I own, and the TA-1003).

Earlier this month, HMD Global released the April security patch to the Nokia 8, and to all new Nokia smartphones announced at MWC2018. Nokia 3 started receiving Android 8.0 this month, while the availability of Android 8.1 for Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 was extended to more markets, so we are happy to report that our Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 in Croatia also run the latest Android version.

As always, it is good to repeat that software updates are being rolled out in phases, so not all devices will get the update in all markets at the same time. It would be ideal if HMD could provide the same update to all Nokia 5 (or 6, or any Nokia smartphone) variants in all markets at the same time, but at the moment, they don’t. The good thing about phase rollout is that if there is a serious bug in the OS, HMD can stop the update and fix the problem before releasing it to a larger number of users.

Anyways, it’s nice to see updates coming. We’re still waiting for Android Oreo for the Nokia 2, and some promises about bootloaders were made that still aren’t fulfilled.